Additional Benefits


  • Reduces college costs:

  • PECCS will help families offset the expense of college tuition.  College credits acquired through the PECCS program are tuition free. Tuition cost of completing a four-year course of study would be reduced by 50%.


  • Speeds time to degree completion:

  • One of the most consistent findings in studies of early college programs is that students participating in such programs are able to complete their degrees in less time than students who do not. Time required for completing a four-year course of study would be reduced by 50%

  • Facilitates the transition between high school and college:

  • PECCS will help prepare students for the transition to college by engaging them early in college level work, developing pathways to degree attainment and eliminating “senior slump”. Studies indicate that students participating in early college high schools matriculate to higher education at a greater percentage than other students.

  • Improving the curriculum for high school students:

  • The emphasis of college coursework in the PECCS curricula enhances the options available to high school students while adding college level rigor.

  • Offering opportunities for improving degree attainment for underserved student population.

  • PECCS will provide opportunities for underrepresented students who are able to meet academic standards to obtain college credit and experience success at the college level. Some potential students may not even consider attending college, but are encouraged to attempt such courses by attending PECCS because the costs are eliminated, the setting is more familiar, and the courses are readily accessible.  Achieving success in these courses can act as a gateway to continue in college.



  • Workforce and economic development:

  • An important benefit, which cannot be overlooked, is that PECCS ensures regional employers with an established mechanism for efficiently developing future human capital resources. 


Educational Plan

Phoenix Early College Charter School will have open enrolment for students in grades 9-12 who live within the boundaries of the Natchez-Adams district.  PECCS will accept students of all academic abilities and will differentiate instruction to address the needs of each student.

The Design Team of PECCS envision a school of substance that allows all students, even the disenfranchised, often under-motivated student, to discover meaningful learning through short and long term goal setting, a college environment, and a rigorous and relevant curriculum. The vision is to create an environment with the following characteristics:

  • Teachers, parents, and students work together to develop young people who are success driven, goal oriented, confident, and team players

  • Students who look at high school as an early phase in their educational pursuits and are anxiously anticipating being life-long learners.

  • Leaders who work hard to accomplish goals because they recognize the benefits related to goal oriented living.

  • Students who develop skills in writing, math, science and technology that will help them successfully compete in the 21st century global economy

The vision of PECCS includes ensuring that every student achieves 21st century college, technology, and career skills while completing their high school requirements and up to an associate degree of college credit.



PECCS is dedicated to providing a diverse population of students with an outstanding education focused on college readiness and state proficiency.  PECCS will implement a standards-based, college preparatory curriculum in our students’ first two years preparing them to be fully immersed into college courses their final two years. The curriculum is designed to ensure proficiency on state standards in English Language Arts, Math and Science as well as a 100% graduation rate. The curriculum will be fully aligned to the Common Core Standards being adopted nationally and with the Mississippi State Standards. There will be 4 major themes to the PECCS curriculum and class structure:

1)  Project Based Learning                 2)  Extensive Writing Practice

3)  Higher Level Thinking Skills          4)  Test Taking Techniques


Benchmark Assessments and School-Wide Data

Academic assessments are very important for the success of good schools so that data can be evaluated and used for student improvement.  PECCS will use a combination of research based diagnostic, state‐mandated standardized tests, and nationally recognized norm‐referenced assessments to measure students’ progress over time and the school’s goals. The assessments include:

  • ACT Explorer and Plan Test

  • Subject Area Testing Program (SATP2)

  • A+ Learning Link

  • ISTEEP Benchmark testing

  • ACT Test


PECCS sets the following student achievement goals:

  • 75% of students to achieve Successful competency on the ACT Exam upon completion of Tenth Grade year.  95% by end of first semester of Eleventh Grade year.

  • 100% of students to successfully achieve a secondary school diploma upon completion of Twelfth Grade year.

  • 100% of students to successfully achieve Transferable College Credits upon graduation.

  • 60% of students to successfully achieve an Associate’s degree and/or Technical Certifications upon graduation.


End Result

Upon completion of the Phoenix Early College Charter School program, all students will graduate with a Mississippi high school diploma. Along with that diploma, graduates will also receive college credits for transfer to a four-year college to complete a Bachelors degree, Technical Certificates for immediate access to a well-paid professional career, or an Associate’s degree representing successful completion of a two-year college degree program.

PECCS will significantly increase post high school college participation and college credit acquisition; in some cases, certificate or degree completion for high school students, prior to graduation from high school.

PECCS will ensure regional employers with an established mechanism for realizing future human capital resource needs. 

Phoenix Early College Charter School will help families offset the expense of college tuition.  College credits acquired through the PECCS program are tuition free. Tuition cost of completing a four-year course of study would be reduced by 50%.