A Charter School is a public school. A Charter School is a public school of choice. It is a complement to the existing local public school system. Designed and operated by a not-for-profit organization of parents and teachers, a Charter School has a clearly defined pu{pose. Families choose to send their children to a Charter School because they see that the curriculum and goals of the Charter School better suit the educational needs of their children.

Accountability: A Charter School is released from much of the traditional bureaucracy and regulations that can hinder progress in traditional public schools.
Charter Schools operate under a contract with the local and state boards of education.  The contract sets the standards and goals required of the Charter School. A Charter School is evaluated on the results of its students in the standards and goals established. A Charter School is held accountable for the dollars it spends as well as the achievement of its children. If a Charter School fails to live up to its contract goals, families will leave and the state board will revoke the school's charter.
 Therefore, Charter Schools have greater accountability than traditional public schools.

Choice: A Charter School is focused on improving student achievement. A family chooses to enroll its children for the educational opportunity the school offers. Teachers choose to work there for the professional opportunity to effectively create and innovate. Teachers can have direct input into the day-to-day operation of the program and will have the professional freedom and support to seek excellence.  Students can be expected to profit from both the small classes and the staff  dedication to the common goal. 

Innovation: A Charter School is innovative. It acknowledges that, in education, one size does not fit all and that each student has individual needs. Those needs can best be met by offering families choice in their childien's education. Those who are being well served in traditional public schools will choose to stay. But for many, the traditional public schools are not the best educational placements. For those children.  Charter Schools offer a great alternative.
Still Public:  A Charter School is a public school; and is therefore,
Enrollment is open to all area children and it is funded by the State with the same tax dollars that children would receive in traditional public schools. Charter Schools are based on the premise that public education funds belong to the children, not to the schools.

A Charter School brings about healthy competition in the previously closed realm of public education. This will stimulate more efficient programs and opportunities for the children and the teachers in a Charter School, as well as the surrounding traditional public schools.