Phoenix Project: Community Development Foundation, Inc.  in partnership with FAMILIES FIRST FOR MISSISSIPPI will be offering an academic and social skills tutoring program.  We will be offering services that impact "whole" family.


  • Grade Level Tutoring

  • Parenting Education

  • Increase Graduation Rates

  • Parenting Skills Development

  • Promote Literacy

  • Job Readiness

  • Family Financial Stability

  • Healthy Teens for a better Mississippi

  • Positive Youth Development



We offer two-hour sessions  four days each week


Volley Davis at (601) 807-3632 or

Iretha Beyah at (601) 392-1311

for more information.

Enrollment Forms available upon request


Xchange Center

13740 Highway 61

Fayette, MS 39069

Phoenix Project: Community Development Foundation, Inc. received the “Making Things Better Award” at the 2003 Low-Income Customer Summit, in New Orleans, La sponsored by ENTERGY Corporation.  In 2001 this organization conducted “Leadership Jefferson”, a nine month community leadership development program for citizens of Jefferson County, Mississippi.


Phoenix Project: Community Development Foundation, Inc. is presently operating “Phoenix AOP” (Adolescent Opportunity Program) a program for adolescent offenders ages 12 to 17.

This program assists program participants in: Character Building, Leadership, Academic and Social Skills. This program has operated from 2008 until the present in Claiborne, Jefferson and Pearl River Counties.



Host: Volley Davis and Co-Host: Iretha Beyah.    

"The Bottom Line" is held twice a month

 every-other  Tuesday night on

Natchez, Mississippi local radio station WTYJ 97.7 FM / WMIS 1240 AM

8:30 p.m. to 9:30p.m. CST


Host: Volley Davis

Co-Host: Iretha Beyah. 


  • local issues  

  • state issues  

  • federal issues 

  • issues affecting Southwest  Mississippi.         


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"The Bottom  Line"


Phoenix Project: Community Development Foundation, Inc. has submitted a grant application to the US Department of Justice for “The Phoenix Second Chance Offender Community Reentry Program” to assist released felons from the Jefferson-Franklin County Regional Jail & the Wilkinson County State Correctional Facility in reintegrating to communities in Southwest Mississippi. This program will utilize trained mentors to assist formed incarcerated felon offenders’ community reentry through a pre and post-release concentrating on: Employment Training, Education, Mental Health Evaluation, Housing Assistance, Substance Abuse Counseling, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship.